Get More Bees with Honey!

customer serviceRecently, I placed a supply request with a well-known beauty mail-order company. Upon receipt of my package, I realized that I made a mistake. Immediately, I called, took responsibility and accepted that I had to pay the return shipping. The replacement order came, and it was the wrong item; an item that I have used for more than ten plus years.

Frustrated, but knowing that you get more bees with honey than vinegar; I called to make them aware of their mistake. I had hoped for a positive experience out the gate, as they claim to always want to please the customer – customer satisfaction is everything. NOT!

Instead of trying to help me, I get an overzealous customer service agent who argued with me up and down, busy telling me that I’m wrong and that I’ll have to pay for the return. This wasn’t acceptable; so, I ask to speak with her boss. After leaving me on the phone for more than five minutes, she returns and says, “it was just brought to my attention that the manufacturer sent us the wrong item, I’ve given you credit.” I wanted to reply; I told you so, thank you, and you owe me an apology? I thought it, but I didn’t say it. And, I still didn’t get an apology.

The point is, there is no you without a clientele. We should always provide people we serve with the utmost respect and have a solution for a challenge that is win/win for all involved. What is the experience that you expect when being served? We all expect and want a good experience at a restaurant, doctor’s office, spa, etc. If there an issue, we address it and hope for a positive solution with a smile. If this is your expectation, you should provide the same in your business. The next time you’re faced with a complaint handle it the same way you would expect to be taken care of.Happy Customers

“The customer is not always right, BUT the customer is never wrong.” -Unknown

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What would you do if you didn’t have a fear of failing…or succeeding. FEAR is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real created by the stories that we tell ourselves and the crap that we allow into our lives from others.

After seeing the movie Dropzone in 1994, I wanted desperately to go skydiving – it looked like a lot of fun. Last year, I finally went and it is was one of the most beautiful, calm and surreal experiences of my life. Now, let me say that I wasn’t ever afraid to jump out of a perfectly good airplane from 14,400 feet in the air at a speed of 125 m.p.h. However, I allowed the concerns of others interfere with me getting out sooner; more recently my husband.

Once I got over the excitement of the jump and the overall experience, it hit me like a ton of bricks. How many things do people miss out on because of their fear and story?  Had I been afraid, I would’ve missed out on a great experience. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of fear, and it’s stopped me from moving forward and making things happen in my life. Eventually, I learned is that you can’t be fearful and faithful, you have to pick a side.

Think about the first time you got in trouble in school, had an accident or even a job interview. Your mind immediately went to work telling you all of the things would happen: punishment, rates going up or you don’t get the job. Once you faced it, it wasn’t as bad as you thought.

When people think of skydiving, they think you’re going to fall to the ground and go SPAT!!!!  In fact, I still don’t know what 125mph falling from the sky should feel like, but what I do know is that I wasn’t falling, barreling down. Honestly, I felt like I was soaring through the sky like a bird.

The point is fear WILL cripple you, stunt your growth and cause you to procrastinate. The fact is that when this happens, it doesn’t serve you, your family, your goals or your dreams.

Ask yourself and be honest, what would I do, feel or experience if I wasn’t afraid? Process it and then challenge yourself to look FEAR in the face and take back your POWER! You CAN do, be or have it!!!  Heck, even if you fail at something, you succeeded because you took a chance. Get the lesson from the failure, do it again then celebrate your success.

“Do not let your fears choose your destiny.” ~ Unknown



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Listen Linda….

There was once a video trending on YouTube titled, Listen Linda ( It was a funny story of a little boy pleading his case for a cupcake to his mother. You might remember it.

Communication is the cause of a breakdown in many relationships. When you’re talking to your significant other, you’re talking while they’re talking. More than likely, you do the same with your kids, friends, staff and yes, your clients.  How we communicate with others can sometimes determine the outcome of the relationship.

I spoke at a trade show this year, and an attendee was concerned that she was going to lose her staff to other salons. First and foremost, I encouraged her not to spend time living in fear, it’s not healthy. More importantly, I talked to her about her communication style, standards and how she compared her business to others. I advised her to truly listen to what her staff and independent contractors are saying to her. It is my belief that our business is successful when we listen to all who are involved; it’s a team effort even if it’s just you and your client.

Just yesterday, I had a guest talking to me about her natural nails breaking. I listened, and once she was done, I was able to educate her and make treatment and home care recommendations as well. When I had a staff, I always invited them to share their ideas and suggestions with me. When you work together, it’s for the benefit of everyone involved.

The point is you have to be willing to LISTEN to your clients and staff; even in your life. We tend to HEAR someone talk, but we don’t listen because we’re already preparing our response…or defense.  Just LISTEN!!!

Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak with you.” ~Anonymous

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Stop Whining…

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to an amazing group of Nail Beauty Professionals at the IBS Las Vegas Show. My class was titled, Stop the Whine and Nail It. Simply put, stop whining and get busy doing what needs to be done.

As you can imagine, many of the challenges faced were the same; new clients, pricing your services accordingly and marketing; to name a few. In a nutshell here is what I had to offer.

IBS Las Vegas 2017

First, you have to decide who you want to serve. Be clear on who your ideal client would be, your culture. Write it out…seriously. I wanted every day to be a GDO (Girl’s Day Out) with women that would inspire and support one another. That’s what I built. Of course, the details are greater than that, but you get the gist of where I’m going.

Second, your price should be based on your experience, skill, knowledge, and market; not what the other people are charging. You have to be willing to lead, not follow. When I’m in the salon, I want to make forty dollars per hour. My prices are based on time to provide service and all the aforementioned.

Third, do your market research. How can you best connect with those that you want to provide services for? Is it direct mailing, social media, cross-marketing with other businesses and so on? For me, cross-marketing works great and I still believe in the power of good ol’, word of mouth. I love referrals, always have.

Finally, don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth! Set your standards and be willing to live up to them. Building your business is like a relationship. You have to always be working on it! You get out of it what you put in.

“Whining never helps. ACTION is the only thing that can change your circumstances.” ~Unknown



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First Impressions…


I was driving on the expressway when I noticed a truck advertising expert cabinetry with beautiful images and contact information. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help but see that they had painted over a Hertz Truck logo. Which led to this post.

While I had no problem with the truck, I couldn’t help but think that I wouldn’t do business with them. What I saw was laziness and lack of pride in the work. Therefore, I couldn’t expect the company to take pride in work done for me. Not that I was looking, just saying.

We’ve all been taught, not to judge a book by its cover. However, we’re human and more likely to make our impression at first sight or interaction. My mentor, Vicki Peters once told me, “you should always dress for success because you never know who you’re going to meet.”IMG_5704

Would someone’s first impression of you and/or your business be in sync with who you want to serve? What impression might you give to someone who calls or walks into your business? Seriously, give it some thought. Look around your place of business, not from your eyes but from the eyes of the people you serve.

Think about the experience you provide, does it meet the expectation you would desire if being served? I challenge you to make your first impressions count in everything you do.

“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” ~Will Rogers

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Client Appreciation Matters…

thank you sign

You’re a beauty professional and like me, you have a book filled with great guests that you serve on a regular basis. You know the ones – you want to duplicate them because they are regular, on time, upgrade their services and buy retail. Rewind, maybe they just have a regular appointment and you know that as long as the appointment is in your schedule, they’ll be there. Whichever guest you serve they should feel appreciated.

It starts with a simple, “thank you” after their service is complete and payment has been rendered. My longest standing client has been with me twenty-eight years; and, I still ask, “Are you pleased with your service today”? Then, I thank her, wish her well and say, “I’ll see you in two weeks.”

Like in our personal relationships, everyone wants to feel appreciated and not taken for granted. You have to value your client because there is no YOU without them – at least in business. Think about it, you want the same thing from your service provider.

You could search the web for ways to show appreciation. Below, I listed several that I’ve personally practiced.

  • Say, Thank you at the end of every visit
  • Punch cards for a complimentary service
  • Send a handwritten note to first-time clients
  • Send birthday emails with a discount for a new service (This is a win/win for you and the client)
  • Plan a Client Appreciation Event with food, drinks, discounts for pre-booked appointments and retail product
  • Holiday gifts that are useful (tote bags, cups) with your logo and a retail sample or two

We go all out to get in new clients. On the other side, we never think about the old clients…not really. It’s because they’ve been with us and we’re confident they’re not going anywhere.

Heck, just place a sign at your front desk or on the wall that reminds your clients that they are appreciated. This could be the one thing that keeps them returning to your chair year after year.



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Charge what You’re Worth…

IMG_5394Everywhere I go, the chat and the struggles are the same. I don’t know what to charge, or I can’t charge enough or the many versions of that same ol’ song and dance.

While presenting at ISSE Long Beach, a young lady in my session shared that she only charged $15.00 for a pedicure. I restated my question, asking, “how much do you charge for a pedicure, not a manicure?!” She replied, “$15.00.” In the end, she averaged about $3 off each service after product cost and paying her technicians. Instantly, I became Dr. Phil asking, How is that working for you? I used the moment to coach her and the class on charging what you’re worth.

You’re in business to make a living and create a good life for your family. You can do it as a beauty professional; even a six-figure career is possible right at your station.


Set your prices based on the following.

  • Your Financial Goal
  • Your Demographic Area
  • Your Skill Level
  • Your Product Cost
  • Your Desired Clientele
  • Your Salon/Spa Experience

There are other areas for consideration as well, but this is a good starting place. Your pricing should not be based on the salon down the street or limited by small thinking.  You must have clarity and be honest with yourself as you review the above-mentioned areas for consideration.

I challenge you to evaluate your current pricing and make adjustments as necessary. Now, print copies of your updated service menu to give to clients at their next visit with you. Please share your thoughts and feel free to ask questions below. It would be my pleasure to serve you.

“Charge what you’re worth, but be worth what you charge” ᱻLáShaun Brown-Glenn

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Influence from Other Worlds…

IMG_5199I have had the privilege to travel around the world, sharing my knowledge and learning from others. What I’ve come to learn is that the challenges we face in the salon and in our industry are the same.

Each month I look forward to reading my trade magazines, attending trade shows and networking with others. However, I don’t limit my learning to the resources in front of me. Neither should you; business is business. It’s the reason that I created the class, From Bar to Beauty, Business is the Same! The basis of my salon business was built from a process that I learned growing up around my mother’s business, a cocktail lounge.

I’ve attended trade shows for the real estate, bar and restaurants industries. Last year, I tweeted many golden nuggets from the SAGE Summit. For five days, I heard from great speakers like; Sir Richard Branson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Daymond John to name a few. Evan Carmichael, a presenter at SAGE, was such a motivator that I started following him on Youtube. My learning from him began there, but it still continues today. I walked away inspired, motivated, armed with great takeaways that I could implement into my business; and with a new network of business owners. IMG_5207

The point is, always be in the process of personal and professional growth and development. Don’t be limited by your comfort zone or a closed mind. You have to be willing to stretch yourself…fully.


I challenge you to step out and try something new, attend a small business conference or take classes at your local Chamber of Commerce, for example. Read a great book or subscribe to a magazine that you can learn and grow from. The pay-off will be immeasurable.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it from you.” – B.B. King

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Not Enough Time in the Day…


Time, one of our most valuable assets. Yet, it seems like we never have enough of it. If I were to guess, like most of the world you have a daily routine which includes getting the kids off to school, stopping by the grocery store, workout, get new clients, go to the office, clean your shop, and oh, did I say, “get new clients?” You started your day with good intentions like the rest of us, and still, you didn’t have time to get it all done. Heck, the list didn’t include dinner, laundry and a host of many other tasks that need to be DONE! It can be frustrating and stressful to get to the end of your day and feel like you weren’t productive. I know all about it, I’ve been there myself a time or two.

The key to a successful day, week, month; even year, is to strategically plan it all out. It starts with a planner. I use to always keep things swimming around in my head. Truthfully,  I still do sometimes. 😉 What I have learned is that you have to write it done and give it an appropriate amount of time to get it done. When I start my day and get through all of my other personal tasks at 5 a.m., I plan for the day.

Color Calendar

Your planner doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it just has to work for you. I have many planners, as I have been doing this for a while. Once a fan of the Franklin Planner©, I have legal pads,  printed things-to-do sheets and legal pads to name a few. Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, I can plan my life on my IPad and sync with my phone – life is good. I love the technology because there are great apps that remind you and help you to keep time so that it is well spent.

According to the book, 4-Hour Work Week, you should focus on your top five goals for the day, week, month, etc. You want to determine where you will get the most payoff for the efforts that you put in.  After all, 80% of your results comes from only 20% of your efforts according to the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 Rule.

Write down your goals for the day and give each action item an amount of time for completion and stay focused. If you are working on marketing, be clear about the process and time it. You need to shop for supplies include the driving time to and from the supplier. A couple of apps that I have tried and liked have included; 30/30, Any.DO and STREAKS. May I also suggest that you try to set up a color-code system to help you stay organized as well? For example, green for your business, red for personal, blue for family and so on.

Monday through Wednesday, 10-3 is when I try to get it all in; blogging, online course outlines, daily inspiration, etc. Of course, from time to time some items fall over into the evening hours after homework and family time. For the most part, I try to stay on task with limited interruptions. Which means I have to silence all social media and email notifications. Once you’re distracted, it’s hard to get back on task. Thursday and Friday are my salon days, my focus is then on the guests that I serve.  After all, it is all about them and their experience during the time they are with me.

I challenge you to make time in your day and in your life to get it all done. You can do it, but the key is to have a plan.

  • Be clear on the goals for the day
  • Eliminate time-wasters
  • Don’t be afraid to delegate
  • Always keep the commitments with yourself as you do with others.

“Either run the day or the day will run YOU”  ~Jim Rohn





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Press On…

My interpretation of  “to press on” means to keep pushing forward or moving ahead to get to an end result that is meaningful and makes you feel accomplished in the end.

In the beauty industry, it’s easy to feel the burnout that we all dread so much. After all, we’re wearing all of the hats; service provider, salon/spa owner, marketer and/or HR Director just to name a few. As if that wasn’t enough, we are mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, nieces, nephews, husbands and wives or significant others.

You started with a goal but without a plan. And, if you had a plan maybe your were met with some frustration or not enough time to get it all done. Of course, there are other things that you want to do, but you just can’t seem to balance it all out.  Don’t give up and don’t let burnout keep you from your end goal.

If you are feeling weary, tired, teary-eyed, frustrated and ready to call it quits…DON’T!!! You are so close to reaching your goal, you just have to refocus your time and energy.  To give up would be detrimental to your health and all of the hard work and effort that you’ve put in up to this point.

Go back and review your goals. Remember why you became a beauty professional or chose the career path that you’re on. Make a list of pros and cons; you know what worked and didn’t. Now, create a plan of action. How you will move forward to get it done. Give yourself a deadline for each item but don’t overwhelm yourself any further – it’s how you got here. 😉

Please know and understand two things. First, it is okay to ask for help and second, you don’t have to be in control. I know we believe that old saying, that if you want it done right, do it yourself.  The truth is someone can do it as good as you and maybe even better, but you won’t know if you don’t give it a try. Perhaps, you have a client, friend or family member that you can barter with for services. In the book, The E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber says, you have to be willing to delegate and share the duties to be successful. I’ve personally bartered with clients to help me with projects. It was a great relief and allowed me to focus on getting new business, selling more retail and getting more education so that in the end I could build a successful business and serve those around me.

Don’t give burnout power; instead, use it to fight and get to the finish line. Most importantly, you need to bring balance back into your life. Take time to pray and/or meditate, listen to a book on your smartphone while out for a walk, exercise because it makes you happy and healthy.

Here is my challenge to you: Press On! Right here, right now and from the point that you are at this moment – the NOW.

I would love to know what you’re working on and how you are bringing joy and peace back into your life. Please share in the comments below.


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